Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sales Joy!

Now you may remember I was a little upset a few weeks back as I'd attempted to buy a domino via eBay which went missing in the post. We're still trying to resolve that at the moment but in the meantime I've been doing a cheeky bit of sales shopping.

As such I landed myself a lovely domino A5 in red for less than £20! I like that the domino is budget friendly compared to some of the other Filofax products, but I thought this was a real steal! 

It's got plenty of space inside and as I'm going to be using this one for work, the week to view layout is perfect for my needs. The cover is lovely and smooth, really nice to touch and the red is a great deep red.

I'm a bit unsure about personalising the pages at the moment, I'm not too sure how that'll look in a meeting or what have you, but I will be personalising my dividers and dashboard as soon as I can. 


  1. I'm using an inexpensive planner right now and liking it better than my leather ones. Sometimes, cheaper just works.

  2. Hi Giftie,
    I totally agree with you! My main planner is an inexpensive one and I couldn't be without it.

  3. I really like the minimal styling of the Domino, especially in the larger size.
    I love your tweed A5 by the way as well!

  4. Thanks Anita, I totally agree the domino is wonderfully understated!